Former Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs has outlined her action plan Life Science 2000-2005 with the goal to establish 75 new Dutch biotechnology companies within this 5 year period. For this is through BioPartner (www.BioPartner.nl) money available ( 45.000.000) that is divided in 5 different instruments: BioPartner Network, BioPartner First Stage Grant, BioPartner Centres, BioPartner Facilities Support and BioPartner Start-up Ventures. These five parts are mend to create a good environment for researchers to write a business plan (BioPartner First Stage Grant) and, after (seed) capital is found (BioPartner Start-up Ventures), is looking for a good accommodation to perform the, highly specialised, work (BioPartner Centres). BioPartner Network is the central information point for the starting entrepreneurs in the life sciences. Here you can get an overview of all the different BioPartner possibilities but also useful initiative other than BioPartner in the hope that in this way strong and dynamic life sciences network will establish.

Although a good starting environment is created by BioPartner for scientist to transform their idea into a company, a lot of items have to be arranged.
External professionals can take care of these things, like book keeping, ICT, legal affairs and others. Advantage of this method is that, beside the up to date information and knowledge these professionals have, no additional personnel have to be hired to perform these tasks. Life Science Purchasing Power also wants to support these starting companies in the area of purchasing of Life Science related consumables such as disposables, chemicals etc. Also the financial administration concerning these purchases can be done on behave of the customer. Seen the fact that most starting companies are too small to hire and train somebody for a few hours / days a week, this services could have additional advantages for the starter.


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